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    IMPORTANT NOTICE on WGC "Competition Blend"
Lump Charcoal
.March 23 2006
  The manufacturer has regrettably informed us that some of the woods used to
make our "Competition Blend" Charcoal are no longer being harvested in
Brazil .  Our manufacturer is doing everything possible to procure a
harvestable wood blend that will be comparable to the "Competition Blend".

We will be receiving new samples soon, and after testing these samples we will choose the very best charcoal.....the one with the same unique qualities of the “Competition Blend”!  Who knows, it might even be better!

If you usually purchase the "Competition Blend" at a retail
store, we suggest you call them first to see if they have any in stock.  Most of the distributors listed in "Distribution Centers" on our home page presently have supply, although we do not know their inventory.

While we are not suggesting that the "Weekend Warrior" will replace the
”Competition Blend”, it is an excellent charcoal and we don't expect any problems
with supply.  It doesn't last quite as long as the “Competition Blend”, but lighting
will be easier and it will get up to high heat quickly.  Perhaps you might like to try it out - you may be pleasantly surprised!

On a personal note, we want to THANK YOU SO MUCH for your continued support by ordering your charcoal from us, and for the many wonderful notes we have received from you.  Many of you have been through the "Competition Blend drought" with us before - and it has again reared its ugly head!  However, we will continue with our very best efforts to consistently offer you top-quality charcoals.

Lee Ann & Larry Johnson

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