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Testimonials on "Weekend Warrior Blend "


"... I used the Lump yesterday. It was above and beyond what I have used before. After a 15 hour cook I still had over half left! Amazing!

Thank you. Now if I could only find it locally."

David .... South Carolina

  wicked good charcoal

"... This is our fourth year of buying your charcoal and we don't even consider any other. It's the best!"

Josh .... New Jersey

  wicked good charcoal

" ... Lee Ann, thank you for your time invested in this (truly appreciated ). All is good and will be looking forward to using WGC for a long time to come. Its nice to know there is still a company out there that cares about its consumers. Thank you, and will be telling everybody I know who bbq's about you and your product - a very happy camper!"

Tom .... Oregon

  wicked good charcoal

"... I am the chef/owner of The Pig Kahuna, a pig roast catering service in Portland, Maine. Over the past 5 years I have roasted over 75 pigs professionally and well over 100 in my lifetime. You can say that I definitely know my charcoal!

At the urging of my local hardware store I tried your Weekend Warrior Blend. It is like night and day! The pieces were HUGE. Your product definitely burns slower, hotter and more consistent than any I have ever used.

Thank you for making such a wonderful product. I've been singing your praises and have become one of your biggest "salesman". As you can imagine everyone gathers around the pig at my roasts and their first question is "What brand of charcoal do you use?" I'm proud to say Wicked Good Charcoal and even more proud to say that Wicked Good Charcoal is a Maine company!"

"The Pig Kahuna"
Dave Mallari .... Maine

  wicked good charcoal
"....Thanks for the help and absolutely love the charcoal. Tried just about everything and this stuff is just the best!"

Trent .... MA

"....I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the briquettes. I lit them this past Sunday at 11:30, and used approx 3/4 of the bag. After smoking my chicken for four hours I shut the vents on my smoker and walked away.

Yesterday evening, at approx. 5:00 I went to clean my smoker, and to shake out the ash pan, when I reached in and got quite a surprise. There was still heat being generated from the ash pile. I grabbed a thermometer to make sure it was not residual heat from the black smoker. It was not. That is about 36 hours of heat being generated from 3/4 of a bag of charcoal using the Minion method. Incredible!

Larry ..... NH

 "....I cooked 100lbs of pork butts last night in the -5* weather. Backwoods, Guru and WGC BRIQUETTES = a good nights sleep. Another great product, Thanks!"

Chris ... IQue BBQ Competition Team


"....I just wanted to take a minute and let you know how satisfied I was with the new hardwood Briquettes. I used some this weekend to cook some chickens - 3 whole chickens split. The grill (Brinkmann Smoke`N Pit) got up to 330 degrees and stayed there the entire time (cooking time was about 1 1/2 hours) with no problem. I did not have to add any to the pile. Very happy with this product and I will be ordering more. The flavor was very nice with no off-flavors at all. Just a little nice smoke added to the marinated flavor."


"....I've made several orders with the good folks at Wicked Good Charcoal and have been very pleased with both their product and amazing service. Lee Ann not only followed up with me on a shipping hick-up (blame FedEx, not Wicked!) but also continued to persist in helping me track down the errant package. My food tastes great and their lump coals produce long lasting heat with a lot less ash than a certain brand beginning with K, so your fire will breathe easily and maintain temps with a lot less effort. Are coals just coals? Not nearly. Your heat source is the heart of every cook, so a consistent fire is the key to timing. Bags are shipped very quickly in a neat box. I'm looking forward to trying their briquettes for smoking. They now have a loyal customer in me!"

Sean....New York

"....I just placed my second order with Wicked Good Charcoal. The Weekend Warrior is some great stuff. I live in a pretty dense section of Philly and I have the whole neighborhood smelling the air with envy when I fire up the smoker!"


"....I used your Wicked Good "Weekend Warrior Blend" Lump Charcoal today for the first time and it was incredible! I will definitely be ordering more - a lot more!"


Ran my 1st load of Weekend Warrior thru my new Backwoods Competitor smoker last weekend. Awesome results - 12 hrs of 250 degrees when I shut the cook down!!! Had probably a little more than a quarter of unburned charcoal left!!!




Wow! I just tried your charcoal & it's truly the best I have ever used! Hands down! No doubt about it! I'd much rather be cookin' with your product!



To: The Charcoal Gods
Got the shipment of Weekend Warrior Blend. I'm new to the lump charcoal game but loving it. I've tried a few other brands over the past 6 weeks. I'm done shopping around - nothing compared to the quality of your charcoal - it's on an entirely different level. Congrats on a fine product! I'll be back for more...



"I only use lump charcoal now, no bricks no gas, and I've tried the other because it's easier to get a hold of but it ashes up and burns out. I'm here to tell you, Wicked Good Weekend Warrior is wicked good!"

Michael Shanley, "Urban Grill Master".


Very happy with the Weekend Warrior Blend! Love that it burns so hot - allows me do whatever I need to do for my cooking. It burns longer than other charcoals that I've used in the past (and I've been using charcoal to cook for a long time)!

I have no problem with ash as I always clean out the oven everyday.... a small trade-off for getting that fast, hot burn that is so important in our restaurant.

Flood Tide Restaurant
Inn at Mystic
Mystic, CT


Lights very easily - burns very evenly - gives excellent heat. Like other charcoals I've used before, it does not "split" or "break down" - lasts for a long time. Because the ash is moderate, I only clean my charcoal Tandoor once a week. I use one 22 lb. bag a day. We are very happy with the Weekend Warrior!

Chef Sai
DeWolf Tavern
Bristol, RI



I have been happily using WG Competion Blend for the last 6 months on my BGE with super results--including a 22 hour 200 degree butt cook that would make you slap your mamma!

When you told me about your new WG Weekend Warrior Blend which lights easier, burns hotter with no sparking, and still does long slow cooks, I had to try it.

You folks have done it again!!!

With Competition Blend I add a few wood chips to the fire with all cooks to get my preferred flavor since it burns so clean. With WW Blend I get what I call the "ideal" light smoke flavor on my short cooks so I usually reserve my chips and chunks for long cooks now.

Speaking of longer cooks, the 16 lb ham I smoked for Thanksgiving with WW was the biggest hit of dinner at the inlaws and my best one to date. I'm mixing the 2 lumps in my long cooks for the extra longevity of WGCB and the easier lighting and nice extra flavor from WW Blend. Oh yea, WW does spark a little, but VERY LITTLE, less than any other lump I've used.

Congratulations for being the source of 2 of the best lumps out there.
Keep up the good work!

Jerry Stewart
Doraville, Ga.


Lee Ann,

Thanks for the quick reply. Just finished an AWESOME pork butt. Started with Competition
then changed to the Weekend Warrier about half way through a 9 1/2 hour smoke. I am
amazed at how consistently your product burns.
Best pork butt I have ever had, even if I say so myself. I appreciate your concern about my
comments...it is refreshing.

Looking forward to using your product again. Thanks!!!!


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